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Pratul Chatterjee

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Target: $1,000

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This year again I’m taking part in the Cycle of Giving bike ride (100km non-stop), to raise funds for organ transplant research.

This cause is close to my heart because it's the only bicycle challenge (that I know of) where every dollar raised goes straight to the cause.

Additionally I have a very high regard for the medical and support staff at the hospital, because of the excellent support and care I observed when an immediate family was a patient for many years.

Finally, I am an average rider, my bicycle Strava profile (ancient rider :0) ) and history over the years is here to prove I can do it because I have done it before a few times:


I'm participating!

James Drysdale Reserve, Bunya QLD 4055

100km Early Bird!

Status Updates

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$100.00 from Rosi Iezzi

Good Luck Prataul, keep those legs
spinning 🌹 I know you will smash it
again 🌹

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Hi Rosie, Thanks very much for your Generous donation! - Pretzel
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$25.80 from Ally Hannon

Well done Pratul. Keep up the great work. A very worthy cause.

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Thanks very much Ally for your contribution and good wishes :)
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$51.40 from Anne-Marie & Sherman

Well done again, good Luck

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Thanks for the donation and good wishes :)
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$30.92 from Maria Heenan

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Maria, Thanks very much for your wishes and donation!
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$50.00 from Nicole Yates

Good Luck Pratul.

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Thanks very much once again Nicole very kind of you :0)
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$51.40 from Con Costi

You are an absolute inspiration to all of us....especially at your age, oldman.

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$51.40 from Robert Brittan

Well done Pratul very happy to support this worthy cause

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$25.80 from Joshua Cooke

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