Rules and Safety

Safety Page Image

There are three important rules for participants riding in the Cycle of Giving:

  1. Follow all directions from police and ride officials
  2. Obey the road rules
  3. Ride single file when possible

The Cycle of Giving is primarily on open roads alongside road traffic; however there will be police, support vehicles, volunteers and staff along the way to ensure your safety.

You must obey the road rules while participating in the Cycle of Giving and wearing the ride bib. This includes obeying traffic lights, stop signs and give way signs. The cycle is not a race and riders will not be timed.

To ensure safety of all riders please ride single file when possible.

For more information on bicycle road rules and safety, please consult the Queensland Bicycle Road Rules.

Bike Maintenance

To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride, we recommend taking your bike for a service at least two weeks before the event. Follow Cycling Brisbane’s, A-B-C of Bike Maintenance to help you prepare for your ride.

Should your bike require repairs on the event, mobile bike technicians will be available to assist you with small repairs. If your bike requires a major repair, the mobile technician will assess your bike. If they are unable to repair it on the route you and your bike will be transported to the finish line.

We recommend that at minimum, you ride with a puncture repair kit and a spare tube.