Now you've got the cycling part down, let's get onto the giving!

The Cycle of Giving is a fundraising event – to power the crucial hours needed to improve organ transplants. With every single dollar you raise in Cycle of Giving 2019 going straight to organ transplant research, the impact you are making as a fundraiser is huge.

We need to buy researchers time to give more people a second chance at life, not only through transplant but so that they can return home, thrive and live well into retirement.

By registering in Cycle of Giving 2019, you are committing to fundraising at least $250 to improve the outcomes for those needing or living with an organ transplant.

Fundraising Smash

Don’t be overwhelmed - fundraising can be as easy as sending a couple of emails and sharing your fundraising page on social media! All it takes is 10 people donating $25, or 5 people making a $50 donation. We recommend starting early to give yourself the most time to raise your funds.

Remember, we are here to support you and help you reach your fundraising goal.

Fundraising Guide

Doing the ride ain’t no easy feat, it’s prime bragging material—so why not have some fun and spruce up your fundraising tactics? Let’s get you started with our handy, fun and informative guide. It has everything you need to help smash your fundraising goals!

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Social Media

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Pre-Written Emails

Pre-Written Emails

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Top Fundraising Tips

Email everyone you know!

Are your family and friends your biggest fans? How about the colleague that can’t escape you at the water cooler? These are prime candidates for your support crew! Why not send them an email with a link to your page (to make it easy) and a bit about the great cause. You will be on your way to your fundraising goal in no time!

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Work your social media

Share how far you are cycling and why you’re doing it on social media. And as you train, keep your followers updated with photos, stories and videos of the efforts you’re putting in, and you’ll be surprised how much they’ll want to support you. But remember—you have to actually ASK! So, make sure you say (write?) the words, and always include a link to your donation page to make it as easy as possible. And by the time the day of the cycle rolls round, no doubt you will have a cheer squad ready to go at the finish line both in person and online!

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Get creative

The best ideas are the ones that get others involved and are a little left of centre! So why not host an event and invite your friends along? Offer to cook your friends dinner in exchange for a small donation (or if you’re a terrible cook, offer not to!) have a garage sale, or sell cupcakes at work to raise money. There’s no limit to what you can do, so be creative!

Pledges based on reaching your fundraising goal also work for the more competitive in your group (we all have them). This can be anything from wearing your bike socks to work (or your full lycra outfit if you’re especially daring), performing a karaoke number during an all staffer, or even offering to wash the car of the person who gets you across the line. Get creative and have fun. Check out our Fundraising Guide for more ideas.